The CREEPY New Feature on Facebook

  • Facebook is now letting you TRACK your friends’ exact location.  That shouldn’t cause any relationship drama.
  • According to a new study you start turning in to your FATHER at age 38 . . . damn, I have to wait THAT long to start being able to sleep with my mom?  Uh, I mean, that’s an interesting fact isn’t it?
  • Research shows that families only make it 33-minutes into a road trip before they start ARGUING.  And that my friends is why I say you should never spend any amount of time with your family.
  • Studies show that a woman’s period actually makes her DUMBER.  This just in, women get really bitchy when their stupid.
  • Babies are more likely to play with other kids who have the same SKIN COLOR.  I knew babies were racists.

(Image Courtesy: Sean MacEntree. Creative Commons)

About Young Jeffrey

Young Jeffrey is the heart and soul of "Brooke & Jubal in the Morning", which is why the show is in desperate need of an organ transplant. Jeffrey says his two greatest accomplishments in life are: 1) making his parents cry at his own bar mitzvah and 2) something that he did in Mexico in 2009 that he's LEGALLY not allowed to disclose. Young Jeffrey's main responsibilities at the station include monitoring the thermostat in the studio and making sure Jose NEVER does his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression on air... some people have said that letting Jeffrey speak into a microphone is "the worst decision in radio history". But that's why Jeff doesn't listen to what his parents have to say. He's just happy to be here.