A Place Where They Are Actually BANNING ‘Selfies’?!?

  • A college has BANNED students from taking selfies during graduation.  Proving once and for all that there is, in fact, a God.
  • A woman outside of Pittsburgh is accused of selling HEROIN while she was in the hospital for intensive care.  Talk about being a workaholic.
  • 26% of men say that oral pleasure ISN’T IMPORTANT to them.  This just in; 26% of men have clearly never experienced oral pleasure.
  • According to a new study, the NICEST PEOPLE in the world are elderly women who’s husband has just died.  Officially making this the most morbid study ever.
  • White supremacists in Virginia RUINED an Easter egg hunt by putting racist messages in eggs.  I find it ironic that they were colored eggs.

(Image Courtesy: Matthew Frederickson. Creative Commons)