NFL Cheerleaders SUING Over Crazy Things they SAY They Had to Do?!

  • The Buffalo Bills cheerleaders are now SUING their team because of the things they allegedly had to do… like something called the weekly “Jiggle Test”?
  • Bright red lipstick has been voted the most ICONIC BEAUTY TREND of all time.  Wow, who knew when I’m home alone I’m being so trendy?
  • According to a study, women are MORE ATTRACTED to men with sensible cars than expensive cars.  I don’t care how many women I could get, you’ll never catch me driving a Prius.
  • The key to making your marriage last after you cheat is to ADMIT that you’ve cheated.  In other words do the opposite of what any politician ever does.
  • After approving powdered alcohol, the government says it was a MISTAKE and they won’t allow powdered alcohol to be sold.  They changed their mind after they tried a bunch of the stuff, then got a look at who they woke up next to.
  • Police in Virginia were led on a high speed CHASE by a Ford Focus with ten people inside.  Apparently the car failed to pull over because they were late for their shift at the circus.

(Image Courtesy: Soren Rajczyk. Creative Commons)