Scientists Found the REAL REASON Why Women Love Rock Stars

  • Scientists have finally found the REAL REASON that women are so attracted to rock stars.
  • A cop in Georgia put his arm around a police dog to take a SELFIE and it mauled his face.  Wow, they finally found someone who hates selfies more than I do.
  • 42% of guys who drive expensive cars have SMALL JUNK.  That’s why I take the bus . . . ladies?  Anything?  Fine, screw you too!
  • Over half of women are more likely to DATE someone with a pet.  Does my manhood count?  I pet and cuddle with it every day.
  • The honeymoon period ENDS after two and a half years of marriage.  Which is nice since most American marriages don’t last that long anyway.
  • A guy in England lost 35-pounds by joining his daughter’s CHEERLEADING team.  He also lost every male friend he has, but who cares, he’s skinny and he knows how to build a human pyramid!

(Image Courtesy: Andrew Hurley. Creative Commons)