Ronald McDonald is Getting a Modern Make Over

  • McDonald’s is giving Ronald McDonald a NEW OUTFIT.  This one has a built in insulin regulator.
  • According to research, the best way to get ahead at work is to GET DRUNK with your boss.  Mostly because there’s a higher likelihood of you getting blackmail photos.
  • Women with BIG HIPS are more likely to have a one-night stand.  Researchers learned this fact by studying Kim Kardashian.
  • Taco Bell is launching a new line of FANCIER RESTAURANTS.  So, good news for people who like their diarrhea to have a touch of class.
  • Apparently dude ranches have started keeping BIGGER HORSES around because the tourists who visit them are bigger.  ‘Cause this is America where we don’t lose weight, we just find a way to make livestock larger to accommodate us. ‘MERRRRCA!

(Image Courtesy: Eric Norris. Creative Commons)