Robinson Cano BOOED In NYC

Robinson Cano BOOED In NYC

The Seattle Mariners are off to a slow start as the 2nd-worst team in the AL, but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to playing in New York.

The Evil Empire faced off against their former teammate Robinson Cano today in the Bronx where he was met with a chorus of BOO’S louder than you’ve ever heard. Jimmy Fallon prepared him for it, but someone stuck up for him. That person? Yankee captain Derek Jeter. [ESPN]

Am I surprised? No, because I didn’t really go into it with any expectation, Jeter said. Baseball is a business like any other business, Jeter said. Sometimes people lose sight of that. It’s not too often that guys get an opportunity in any sport to play with one team for their entire career. As much as people would like to see guys stay with one particular team, it doesn’t always happen.

The Mariners won game won by a score of 6-3. Cano went 1-5 with a single.



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