Disneyland Allegedly Forces a MOM to do WHAT??!

  • A mom at Disneyland says she was forced to COVER UP her cleavage because a park employee thought her boobs were too big?? . . . Wow, it really IS the “happiest place on Earth”.
  • According to research, people who listen to Rock and Roll are more likely to CHEAT on you.  People who listen to Clay Aiken however don’t cheat at all . . . mostly because they’re single.
  • Due to racist remarks by their owner, the Los Angeles Clippers are LOSING SPONSORS at an alarming rate.  Not to worry though, I expect the Clippers to sign a very lucrative sponsorship deal with Paula Deen very soon.
  • One if five people say they are stuck in a bad relationship because they CAN’T AFFORD to get out of it.  It’s true; after all you’ve seen what a breakup did to Donald Sterling.
  • A Kennewick man took a girl to a buffet, ate dinner, then PEED in a cup and drank it.  I bet he totally got laid that night.
  • A new survey shows that 16% of people say they’re so competitive with their neighbors they even compete on RECYCLING.  Similarly, I compete with my neighbors about who can touch themselves on their front porch more . . . and great news, I’m dominating that competition.
(Image Courtesy: Emilio del Prado. Creative Commons)