The MAGIC WORD That Gets Kids to Do Chores!

  • A new study found the MAGIC WORD you need to use to get kids do to chores . . . it’s the word “helper”.  Interesting I always did mine when my dad said the words “I’m going to get my belt”.
  • A guy named Donald Popadick got arrested for FLASHING people. He’s also being charged with having the most appropriate last name ever.
  • According to research, the NUMBER ONE reason men cheat on their wives is because they had kids.  Man, do the benefits of children ever stop???
  • The Florida Senate is proposing a law that would make it legal to kill a ZOMBIE during a zombie apocalypse.  Wait, so there’s actually something in Florida it’s ILLEGAL to kill?  Who knew?
  • A guy in China crashed his car and ended up with a huge TREE BRANCH in his groin.  Big deal, I’ve got a huge tree branch there every day.  Yeahhh, what’s up ladies???

(Image Courtesy: ThreeIfByBike. Creative Commons)