Drunk British Woman BUSTED While Joining Mile-High Club

  • A 20-year-old British woman was arrested for joining the MILE HIGH CLUB on a flight to Las Vegas.  I think that’s called doing it right.
  • Experts say that the most DEPRESSING MOMENT of the week is 1:42 PM on Monday . . . why is that?  Is that when the Kardashians come on?
  • Not really news, but with Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday . . . here are a bunch of moms taking half-naked SELFIES while their kids watch.
  • Scientists have created a PILL that actually vibrates in your colon to help with constipation.  No thanks, I only like vibrations in my colon to be done the old fashioned way.
  • A conservative political candidate just admitted that he used to work as a DRAG QUEEN.  In other words; there’s no difference between him and any other political candidate.

(Image Courtesy: Andrew Malone. Creative Commons)