• A restaurant in England says that they’ve created the TALLEST HAMBURGER ever made.  Maybe, but only an American would be able to eat it in one sitting. ‘Merica!
  • According to a new study, getting a LIBRARY CARD makes you feel as good as getting a $2,300 pay raise.  Well I guess I know what my company will be giving me the next time it’s time to talk money.
  • 17% of people would have sex with a ROBOT.  Not me; mostly because I wouldn’t want to disappoint it.
  • A guy in the UK went in for a minor surgery and they ended up giving him a VASECTOMY instead.  Some guys have all the luck.
  • Coke and Pepsi have both decided to STOP USING a chemical in their drinks that contains flame retardant.  Great, way to take away all the flavor.

(Image Courtesy: Arne List. Creative Commons)