Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (05/08/14)

  • (VIDEO) The insane reason Miley Cyrus told fans to SMOKE WEED
  • (VIDEO) Seth Rogen explained his hatred for Justin Bieber LIVE on The Today Show
  • Kim Kardashian reveals her fear that her daughter will grow up in a world where RACISM is “still alive”
  • (VIDEO) Richard Sherman gave thanks for his new contract with the Seahawks, making him the HIGHEST PAID Corner in the NFL
  • (PICS) Jada Pinkett-Smith has NO problem with daughter Willow Smith’s controversial photos
  • George Clooney’s ex is PISSED OFF about his engagement
  • (PICS) Rihanna’s Instagram account remains DEACTIVATED amid rumors the site shut her account down for posting too many racy pics
  • (PICS) Lindsay Lohan showed off an INSANE amount of cleavage on the red carpet
  • (PICS) Ryan Gosling made a very RARE red carpet appearance
  • (PICS) Kristen Stewart’s recent weight gain is raising eyebrows
  • (PICS) Almost 20 years after “Clueless” was released, the cast reunited
  • (PICS) Harry Styles goes shirtless and shows off all his CRAZY tattoos
  • (PICS) Scarlett Johansson shows off her growing BABY BUMP

Photo Credit: Melissa Rose. Creative Commons.