REPORT: Subway Making Some Major Menu Changes?

  • Subway is going to slice their meat THINNER to make it seem like you’re getting more.  Whatever, as long as they don’t start using Jared in their commercials again, I’m cool.
  • One in seven men still have their mom do their LAUNDRY.  The other six are too busy having sex with girls to worry about laundry.
  • The top place to have sex in the house is the KITCHEN.  Coincidentally I will never be eating at my friend’s houses ever again.
  • A new study shows that most people know when you’re FAKING a laugh.  The study was done by tracking people who watch “2 Broke Girls”.
  • China is paying people $32,000 to search through porn sites and find ILLEGAL content.  Well, looks like I’ve finally found a job I can excel at.

(Image Courtesy: Craig Dugas. Creative Commons)