Which VIDEO GAME Holds the Secret to Weight Loss?

  • Researchers say that the secret to losing weight is playing TETRIS… it’s also the secret to losing your girlfriend.
  • Last Mother’s Day, 35,000 people took their mothers to HOOTERS.  Some of them even found there mothers there.
  • A model who is 6-foot-8 is getting MARRIED to a guy who’s 5-foot-4.  The people attending their wedding can’t wait for when they say “I do” and he romantically kisses her belly button.
  • A woman in Pittsburgh recently changed HER WILL to give $5,000 to her house plants.  Interesting, so there IS a woman out there who is lonelier than Jennifer Aniston.
  • A 28-year-old girl was able to sell her VIRGINITY for $800,000.  That’s a lot to pay for some very terrible sex.
  • The first round of the NFL DRAFT took place yesterday. This is the event where people try to act like they are excited to go to places like Detroit of Cleveland.

(Image Courtesy: Scott Akerman. Creative Commons)