Bald Guys are Doing WHAT To Make it Look Like They Have Hair?!?

  • Bald guys are now TATTOOING hair on their heads . . . and it STILL looks better than what Donald Trump has going on.
  • Almost half of women own at least one SEX TOY.  Wow, who knew that I had so much in common with so many women?
  • Researchers in the UK have found out that SWEARING is good for you.  This just in; I’m the healthiest person on the planet.
  • A guy in Oregon lost a custody battle because he says that bringing home HOOKERS didn’t have a negative effect on his kids.  Seeing that this happened in Oregon I’m actually really surprised he lost the case.
  • Would you be able to pass a math test for GRADE SCHOOL kids?  HERE YOU GO…  Warning, if you’re anything like me, this will make your head explode.
(Image Courtesy: craig Cloutier. Creative Commons)