AUDIO: Idiot Calls 911 Asking to Buy Marijuana

  • FUNNY AUDIO: A man actually called 911 to ask where he can buy some weed…  Oddly enough, they didn’t have any.
  • In another LEAKED RECORDING, Donald Sterling says that he did have sex with V. Stiviano.  Okay, so he’s a racist AND a liar?
  • Only 4% of people think they’re LESS INTELLIGENT then the average American.  Mostly because they’ve actually MET the average American.
  • A high school football coach in Florida was arrested for STEALING MONEY from his players.  On the bright side, at least he wasn’t having sex with them!
  • A high school teacher in California BROKE a students arm in an arm wrestling match.  Again, at least he wasn’t having sex with him!  Teachers are really getting their act together in this country aren’t they?

(Image Courtesy: . Creative Commons)