Jimmy Fallon “Nip Syncs” w/ Terry Crews

Jimmy Fallon “Nip Syncs” w/ Terry Crews

Remember those awesome Old Spice commercials with the super-buff dude flexing his pecs? Jimmy Fallon decided to play “Nip Syncing” with him last night, and hilarity ensued. Enjoy! [Celebuzz!]

The Expendables 3 star Terry Crews stopped through The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and at least a minute, it seemed like the 39-year-old Tonight Show host had revealed a previously unseen ripped physique. Alas, the wonders of CGI.

Fallon and Crews flexed their oiled-up pecs to the soothing beat of Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder‘s classic tune “Ebony and Ivory” last night for the show’s first ever “nip sync.”


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