Calvin Harris to Record POSH Spice!

Calvin Harris to Record POSH Spice!


Can you believe that it has been fourteen years since Posh featured on dance track Out Of Your Mind with Another Level’s Dane Bowers? One person who clearly can’t is Scottish hit-making DJ and producer Calvin Harris, who is said to be keen to get the singer-turned-fashion designer back in the recording studio.‘Calvin’s deadly serious about working with Victoria.

He was a closet Spice Girls fan and was a huge fan of Out Of Your Mind,’ an LA source is reported to have told Daily Star Sunday. And apparently, it’s more than just talk: ‘Calvin met Gordon Ramsay recently and revealed his plans to write her a huge dance anthem.

‘He asked for Victoria’s details and is planning to contact her about getting back into the studio. He knows it’s a long shot but believes that if anyone can it’s him.’




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