Best Michael Jackson Talent Show Dance EVER

Best Michael Jackson Talent Show Dance EVER

Do you remember your high-school talent shows? I don’t think my HS had them, but elementary & middle school certainly did. They were always full of horrible lip-syncing, ugly dancing, and even worse REAL singing.

They may have had 1 or 2 bright spots, but let’s be real… none of them were actually good… ever. But this junior from Pitman High School just proved everyone wrong that talent shows can legitimately be used to show someone that you’re TALENTED!

(the action starts around 1:12 on the video)


UPDATE: The performance was so great that he’s been invited to the MJ estate!!


About justin

He was the kid that you probably hated in elementary school. Loud, obnoxious, and attention-seeking, Justin was intent on getting what he wanted at all costs. After too many summers spent in some form of a plaster-cast, he settled for what his teachers couldn't stand: TALKING! As it turns out, it worked!