The Weird “Side Effect” Every Time You Lose 7 Pounds…

  • For every seven pounds you lose on a diet, you also lose one FRIEND.  This just in: Jessica Simpson has never lost a friend.
  • In a new survey, texters were voted the most ANNOYING drivers.  I’m sorry, what was that?  I just got a text message.
  • According to a new study, the average age that people think they’re “OLD” is when they turn 80. Well that’s cool, I don’t plan on living that long . . . which means I’ll always be young and fun.
  • The CEO of Levi’s says that you should NEVER WASH your jeans.  Unless you’re last name is Kardashian because I think those genes should definitely be cleansed.
  • The FBI is having trouble finding HACKERS because they all smoke weed and can’t pass the drug tests.  Wait, so the President can do it, but government employed hackers can’t?
(Image Courtesy: Alan Cleaver. Creative Commons)