Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (05/23/14)

  • Maxim’s HOT 100 LIST is out! Scarlett Johansson beat out by Victoria Secrets supermodel!
  • The Kimye wedding itinerary has LEAKED!
  • Beyonce & Rihanna get paid $100,000 to sit in the front row at fashion shows!
  • Macklemore can’t catch a break, new website
  • PICS: Miley Cyrus takes a selfie in the bathroom….you’ll never be able to un-see this one
  • Kim and Kanye turn down $1 MILLION for wedding photos
  • PICS: Kim Kardashian’s bachelorette party is as extravagant as you’d expect
  • Rihanna REFUSES to meet Charlie Sheen’s porn star girlfriend sparking an all out twitter war!
  • Tupac Shakur’s FINAL WORDS revealed, “F**** you.”
  • Justin Theroux plans to MARRY Jennifer Aniston on his birthday
  • PICS: Here’s a preview of the who’s who that will be at the Kimye wedding this weekend
  • Justin Bieber HOOKS UP with supermodel at the Cannes, “Im just here to swag”
  • Lindsay Lohan got HAMMERED while “deejaying” at Cannes
  • VIDEO: Brad Pitt plays tambourine for Bruno Mars on “Sex Machine”
  • People are pissed over an alleged RAPE joke Jennifer Lawrence made
  • VIDEO: Miley Cyrus told drunk Jennifer Lawrence to “get it together!”
  • X-Men director files motion to dismiss sex ABUSE case
  • Paul McCartney HOSPITALIZED in Toyko for a virus
  • Katherine McPhee files for divorce
  • “Bachelor” winner Courtney Robertson’s TELL-ALL book is really juicy!

Photo Courtesy: Nosha. Creative Commons.

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