Why Rob Kardashian SKIPPED Kim’s Wedding

Why Rob Kardashian SKIPPED Kim’s Wedding

We’ve long known that Kim isn’t the nicest person on the planet. I mean, when you’ve only known a life of privilege and sex tapes, how can you truly learn the meaning of empathy?

However… being a female, I think she should understand that weight jokes are never ok. Right? Apparently that’s why her little brother Rob skipped her wedding at the last minute. #BURN [PageSix]

According to x17 online, Kim Kardashian asked all of her family members to wear Valentino couture for the lunch which was at the designer’s house, but Rob Kardashian didn’t fit into any of the clothes because of his recent weight gain.

Rob said he was sickened by Kim and Kanye’s display of wealth and clothes and beauty and called it ‘superficial bulls***,’” a source told x17 online. Rob basically equated that to Kim caring about him only for his appearance and he said he’d ‘make life easier’ for her and just leave.”

If this is true, something tells me that I would actually like Rob. Fist bump, hombre.


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