Girl Jumps Off Cliff For COORS LIGHT!

Girl Jumps Off Cliff For COORS LIGHT!

How far would you go for free beer? Surely you wouldn’t huck yourself from a 50 ft cliff to ‘earn’ some free Coors Light, would you? Maybe if you consider yourself a risk-taker you would think about it for a few minutes, but doesn’t that seem a little extreme to save $12?

Now what if the Coors Light was free for an ENTIRE YEAR?

Say hello to the first-ever winner of Coors Light’s “how far would you go for free Coors Light” contest, Michelle Sardina.  [KeysNet]

The 21-year-old was one of three grand-prize winners to earn a year’s worth of the silver bullet in the form of 24 cases during the next 12 months. That should come in handy for her upcoming senior year at the University of Florida.

“I knew the place because my friends had been there, but it was the first time I had ever been there,” she said. “I was afraid that if I stepped off wrong and didn’t jump far enough, you could hit the rocks.”

She eventually worked up the nerve — she first says “do it for free beer, right?” Then she shouts “for free Coors Light beer” as she gets a running start to jump.

Sardina said she would receive six cases of Coors Light every three months by mail for the next year.

I don’t even like Coors Light but I would like to formally challenge Michelle for her title (and prize).


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