“Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter Campaign!

Remember that “Reading Rainbow” show from childhood? It came on sometime after Sesame Street and before Barney and in between pooping my pants if I remember correctly. I barely recall ever watching it, but one listen of the theme song and I was instantly taken back to my parents’ living room on 153 Park St in Libby, MT. I have a bowl of store-brand Corn Flakes covered in sugar on my lap, Superman pajama-underwear, and probably band-aids on my knees. I’m also probably complaining about something like the terrible kid that I was.

As an adult, I had no idea this show still existed… but after seeing a Kickstarter campaign to help bring it back to the masses… I decided to reset my Reading Rainbow compass to true north and reacquaint myself with the long-forgotten series. I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole on some episodes, and within minutes I felt like I never missed an episode.

Also, as an adult I have discovered: Levar Burton is the f****** man.

I had no idea that the show was basically gone (and why should I?), but this video made me sad.

So, the Kickstarter campaign was launched & set a goal of $1 million. How long do you think that took?

They’ve more than doubled their goal in 2 days. Way to go, Levar.


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