The #1 Way People Say They “Live Life On the Edge”

  • According to a new survey, the #1 way people say they “LIVE ON THE EDGE” is by booking a vacation they can’t afford…. #firstworldproblems
  • A robber got BUSTED because he sent his victim a Facebook friend request the day after he robbed them.  The good news for him though is in jail he’ll be receiving a lot of pokes.
  • A PHOTO of a black bear chilling in a hammock in Florida is going viral.  Making it the first time anything black has invaded someone’s property in Florida and it wasn’t shot on site.
  • A guy got stuck in South Korea because his 4-year-old DREW all over his passport.  Yet ANOTHER reason not to have children.
  • A naked guy ran around acting like a dog and was HIT by a car.  Note to self: change my plans for Saturday afternoon.
  • A 113-year-old woman in China just MARRIED a 70-year-old.  And yes, her marriage will still outlast the average American nuptial.

(Image Courtesy: Orin Zebest. Creative Commons)