Thieves Steal $15k Worth of LEGOS

Either someone REALLY likes the new Lego movie, or they’re planning to build some sort of Lego-weapon with the $15k worth of Legos that were stolen recently.

Seriously, what can anyone do with that many Legos?? I’m genuinely interested. [TIME]

Last month at Toyworld in Australia, robbers walked in, removed a CCTV hard drive, and stole $15,000 worth of Lego kits in two separate raids with the help of an escape van, according to police, AAP reports. In the thefts, Legos were the only goods taken—specifically, Lego Technics, the brand’s robotics line, and Lego City toys.

The professionalism of the operation suggests that the theives could be “could be part of a syndicate that are specifically targetting Lego,” according to Australia’s 3AW Radio. In fact, there’s a rash of Lego crime going on, and not just because the Police Building Kit is apparently on a lunch break. Legos are highly portable and easily resold, plus they’re more popular than ever as of late—the Lego Movie has earned over $400 million worldwide.

Ok, I stand corrected. I hope they erect the world’s sweetest LEGO LAND for all to enjoy! It’s like having our own Robin Hood of the Lego world!

Ok I know. Crime sucks. Sorry.


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