Will Smith May Star in NFL Concussions Movie

Will Smith May Star in NFL Concussions Movie

I’m not sure how, but reading this story suddenly made the NFL concussion issue “real” to me. Not that I didn’t understand it was serious before this specific story (I’m not heartless, you guys), but imagining a movie about the pain, suffering, and sometimes suicides (Junior Seau) that these players experience after traumatic brain injuries — starring Will Smith — just became a little more real. Details below. [TIME]

Heads-up, everyone: Will Smith is in talks to star in a currently untitled film about NFL concussions, based off of a GQ article.

The film isn’t the only project tackling the issue, though: An adaptation of the book League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth is in the works, and Isiah Washington will star in the movie Game Time Decision.

The NFL has been concerned about its portrayal in film and television in the past and was reportedly uncooperative with a PBS documentary about the concussions issue.



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