The World Would be BETTER If There More People Like THIS…

  • Someone returned a $46 million lotto TICKET to the rightful owner.  Some people call that honesty, I call that stupidity.
  • People who have a TV in their bedroom have MORE SEX.  Well of course, nothing turns me on more than “Law and Order: SVU”.
  • Two thirds of us PEE in the water at the beach . . . no wonder it tastes so good.  Uh, I mean, gross.
  • Almost 1 in 4 women have had an affair with their BOSS.  Which is the sole reason most men want to become bosses.
  • Men with wives who make MORE MONEY have better sex lives.  Obviously, because if they can’t please her they might lose their paycheck.

(Image Courtesy: Mark Ou. Creative Commons)