Guy Orders a Junk “Enlarger”… Get’s Something ELSE Instead!

  • A guy filed a complaint because he ordered a junk ENLARGEMENT KIT and they sent him a magnifying glass.  What’s he complaining about, that’s how I’ve been making mine look bigger for years.
  • A zoo mistakenly SHOT a guy wearing a gorilla costume with a tranquilizer dart.  Still more humane than they treat the real gorillas.
  • Starting with Superbowl 50, the NFL will no longer be using ROMAN NUMERALS.  Apparently they think Superbowl L looks dumb . . . and also because most people are too dumb to know what Superbowl L means.
  • Donald Sterling has DROPPED his lawsuit against the NBA and says that he is “moving on”.  Not to worry, he’s just giving up on the lawsuit . . . not his quest for a racially sterile society.
  • 14% of people have had sex in someone else’s HOUSE during a party.  I know I have . . . except I usually go to parties alone; so it’s not that cool.

(Image Courtesy: Mellie. Creative Commons)

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