The New Lifetime Reality Show… Based Off a Famous YouTube Video?!?

  • Lifetime is Doing a Reality TV Show about pregnant women giving BIRTH  out in nature… And it’s all based on a YouTube (NSFW) VIDEO that got 20 million hits… Well, good job America. We officially lose.
  • How much money does it take for you to feel RICH?  Here’s a study. 6% of people who took this survey say that “money can’t buy happiness” . . . those people clearly have not had money before.
  • 1/4 of the time you spend in meetings is completely WASTED TIME.  What?  You mean listening to the office clown crack jokes instead of getting to business iw wasted time?  I refuse to believe it.
  • A woman lit her hair ON FIRE trying to lean in for a selfie.  I call that divine intervention.
  • A guy got his hand STUCK in the toilet for six hours trying to get his cell phone. Reminds me of this PHONE TAP.
  • A drunk girl in Alabama passed out on some TRAIN TRACKS but was somehow left untouched when a train passed over her.  Maybe she wasn’t drunk, maybe she was just trying to get out of Alabama for good . . . and who can blame her.

(Image Courtesy: Tatiana Vdb. Creative Commons)