Jacksonville Jaguars To Build POOLSIDE Cabanas

Jacksonville Jaguars To Build POOLSIDE Cabanas

Nothing says “crazy, loud, obnoxious football fan” quite like a shirt-less bro in white sunglasses, right?? That’s apparently what Jacksonville is going for by removing 9,500 seats from their stadium & adding POOL CABANAS in their place.

Because, you know, Florida.

Jacksonville Jaguars fans will be able to watch a game this season while sitting in a pool inside the stadium. The team is adding a two-level party deck that includes two pools and 16 cabanas complete with plush furniture.

Companies or fans can rent one of the four poolside cabanas on the first level for $12,500 a game, or $250 per person. The package includes 50 tickets and is all-you-can-eat and drink. Wine and beer will be served through the third quarter, as is the case with the rest of the stadium.

A similar package of 20 tickets on the upper level of the party deck, which does not include pool access, costs $3,000 a game, or $150 per person.

Let’s be honest: you might as well remove the bathrooms on the levels that have pools, too. Because you know: Florida.


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