’s WEIRD New Feature Designed to Help You Out

  • can now use photos of your ex to help you find a LOOK-A-LIKE.  So if you thought online dating couldn’t get any creepier, stand corrected. Big time.
  • A Seattle doctor has lost his license for SEXTING during surgery.  What’s the big deal, the guy clearly gets really excited about his work?
  • There’s a new website that lets you figure out which Facebook friends are the most SIMILAR to you.  I would use it, but I’m afraid this would make me hate myself even more.
  • A NASA researcher has admitted to having “sensuous” sex with a DOLPHIN.  So?  Hasn’t everybody done that?  Uh, I mean, what a weirdo!
  • A WILDFIRE interrupted a wedding in Oregon.  Well if that isn’t God saying that he objects to this union I don’t know what it is.
(Image Courtesy: Si1very. Creative Commons)