The #1 Thing Women WISH They Could Have Changed About Their Wedding

  • According to a new survey, women say the #1 thing they would have CHANGED about their wedding is the best man’s speech.
  • A new study says that we rely on dad’s toFIX STUFF until we’re 41 . . . and we rely on therapists to fix stuff our dad’s screwed up raising us until about 65.
  • Experts say that being hungry turns men into CHUBBY CHASERS.  Interesting, apparently I get really hungry after the bars close.
  • There’s a 29-year-old woman with 10,000 HELLO KITTY items and she’s apparently still single somehow.  So if you didn’t think there was a girl out there lonelier than Jennis Aniston, stand corrected. Big time.
  • A new study shows that people who break up their sentences with the word “LIKE” tend to be more thoughtful and self aware than people who don’t.  Wow, who knew 13-year-old girls were so thoughtful.
  • A Philadelphia woman was ARRESTED when her daughter brought 11 bags of heroin to school.  Well at least she brought enough for the whole class.
(Image Courtesy: Chris Photography~. Creative Commons)