The #1 BIGGEST “Productivity Killer” at Work is…

  • Texting is one of the biggest PRODUCTIVITY KILLERS at work.  That’s ridiculous, learn to sext and work people!!
  • A new study says that the “cool kids” in school end up being in WORSE relationships and committing more crimes.  Uh, yeah because they’re cool!
  • People tend to ENABLE their overweight friends because they don’t want to be the chubby one in their friend group.  I don’t enable my heavy friends, I’m a nice person.  I just shame them in front of everyone until they cry.
  • A new study says that dogs would rather EARN treats then get handouts for no reason.  Add that to another thing that dogs don’t have in common with Americans.
  • A prostitute in Boston was BUSTED trying to pick up clients at a public library.  That’s so dumb; why would guys want to pay for sex at the library with all that free porn?

(Image Courtesy: Life Mental Health. Creative Commons)