The “Fake Phone Number” Designed to Teach Sleazy Guys a Lesson

  • Girls can give THIS NUMBER to sleazy guys to teach them a “lesson”… they’re in a for a SURPRISE when they call it, But does it really help?
  • According to research the average dog does $392 in DAMAGE to your stuff each year.  Luckily he makes up for it with that little peanut butter trick.
  • A guy is suing a hospital for accidentally SHORTENING his junk.  Wait, you can sue for that?  Does that mean I can sue my parents for these genetics?
  • A Kansas woman got a love toy STUCK in her bladder.  Oh man, if I had a nickel . . .
  • A guy in Montana got a DUI on Friday, because he drove DRUNK to a police station to pick up his wife . . . who’d just gotten busted for driving drunk a few hours earlier.  As Grandma always said, “the couple that DUI’s together, stays together”.
  • A bunch of guys at a bachelor party in New Mexico found a 10-million-year-old FOSSIL.  Unfortunately though, now that fossil is covered in stripper glitter.

(Image Courtesy: samantha celera. Creative Commons)