Employees Suing Because Their Boss Made them WHAT?!?

  • A company in New York is being SUED for making it’s employees say “I LOVE YOU” to their bosses… I know where I want to work next.
  • A guy survived a beating because he was wearing a padded Scooby Doo ONESIE.  See, onsies aren’t only sexy, but functional!
  • According to a new study, everyone is bad at being able to tell when someone is FLIRTING with them.  Not me though, that’s because I consider anyone talking to me as flirting.
  • Surveys find that 1 in 5 women find a pair of shoes SEXIER than a man’s body.  And THAT is why I always wear stilettos in the bedroom.
  • A guy died after staying up ALL NIGHT to watch the World Cup.  I almost died from a similar love of sport . . . the WNBA playoffs!
  • A 64-year-old man was busted for running a meth lab out of his RETIREMENT community.  What?!  That’s crazy!  I mean being able to retire at 64 . . . who can do that anymore?

(Image Courtesy: David Goehring. Creative Commons)