Everything You THOUGHT Was True About Marriages is WRONG!?

  • A new study says that “Trophy Wives” are VERY RARE and most people marry someone who is just as attractive as they are.  This just in; I’ll be getting married to a chipmunk.
  • There’s a new math-based FORMULA to help you make all of your life decisions.  Well, with my math skills, I’m screwed.
  • A man got his finger STUCK in an airplane bathroom for a 14-hour flight.  I’ve had my finger stuck somewhere for a very long flight once . . . except it was by choice.
  • The US patent office has CANCELLED the trademark for the NFL team name “The Washington Redskins”.  Wouldn’t be the first time the US government has taken away something from American Indians.
  • A Virginia man was found guilty of child endangerment and part of his punishment was to get a VASECTOMY.  So technically he actually won?

(Image Courtesy: Dr. Wendy Longo. Creative Commons)