Women on Facebook are GOING NUTS Over a Guys “Sexy” Mugshot Photo

  • Women are going nuts over a MUGSHOT of a handsome felon.  And somehow YOU’RE still single.
  • There’s a new pair of tiny women’s underwear called the C-STRING.  Looks like I’ve got some shopping to do!
  • A guy accidentally shot himself in the junk and it exited through his BUTTOCKS.  Luckily for him there’s a hole already there.  (Sorry about that).
  • New York is going to start allowing people to be BURIED next to their pet in pet cemeteries.  In other words; let the zombie apocalypse begin!
  • A man called in a bomb threat to the airport just to MESS with his ex-girlfriend’s flight to Las Vegas.  Well at least where he’s going he’ll be able to find some new awesome boyfriends.

(Image Courtesy: ABCNews.)