Best FAN CAM Video Ever.

Best FAN CAM Video Ever.

Fan cams are awesome. I remember spending HOURS making a cardboard sign to carry into Mariners games (let’s be real, my mom carried it because I was lazy, spoiled, & dumb) in the hopes that the camera man would spot lowly ol’ me in the nosebleeds with my neon-green construction paper carrying my misspelled message about Tino or Edgar Martinez.

But I was never this awesome. Never. And neither are you. This kid was MADE for the fan cam.


About justin

He was the kid that you probably hated in elementary school. Loud, obnoxious, and attention-seeking, Justin was intent on getting what he wanted at all costs. After too many summers spent in some form of a plaster-cast, he settled for what his teachers couldn't stand: TALKING! As it turns out, it worked!