“Frozen” has Actually Increased Vacations to Norway!

  • Americans are traveling to Norway MUCH MORE now all because of the movie “Frozen”…
  • Lebron James has OPTED OUT of his contract with the Miami Heat.  Sweet, now that he’s not locked up in a contract, he can finally chase his dreams of working at Kinkos.
  • Men are four times more likely to spray air freshener INSTEAD of cleaning.  Wait a second . . . that’s not considered cleaning?
  • A Tennessee woman was banned from the zoo for jumping into the lion’s cage and trying to feed them COOKIES.  She’s lucky she didn’t get banned from living anymore. Idiot.
  • A guy in New Hampshire was arrested for standing in front of his window NAKED in an attempt to shock his neighbors.  What an idiot.  I do the same thing, but it isn’t to shock anyone . . . it’s just for me.
  • According to a new survey, American travelers are the best TIPPERS.  They’re also the most likely to complain that a French restaurant doesn’t serve Whoppers . . . so, take the good with the bad.
(Image Courtesy: Hina Ichigo . Creative Commons)