KFC Accidentally Served Someone a Deep Fried WHAT?!?

  • A KFC accidentally served a deep fried HAND TOWEL.  Still healthier than a KFC DoubleDown.
  • A man bought hundreds of tickets to Transformers in order to IMPRESS a girl who dumped him seven years ago.  Then she went and saw the movie, and dumped him again.
  • A politician in Michigan wants voters to IGNORE his multiple arrests for pleasuring himself in public.  That’s crazy! I mean, I never thought I’d find a politician I can relate to.
  • A man in Michigan tried to rob an elderly woman wearing a Batman costume but FAILED.  Apparently he kept stopping himself.
  • There’s a new device that let’s users literally have SEX with their iPad.  In other words; women are officially obsolete.  Sorry ladies.

(Image Courtesy: jeffreyw. Creative Commons)