Most HILARIOUS American Movie Title Translations

Most HILARIOUS American Movie Title Translations

  • Foreign cultures LOVE American movies…. UNFORTUNATELY the movie titles a don’t always translate very well into other languages. HERE IS THE LIST of the World’s most Bizarre Movie Translations…

1. Pretty Woman – I Will Marry a Prostitute to Save Money (China)

2. As Good as it Gets - Mr. Cat Poop (China)

3. The Professional - This Hit Man Is Not as Cold as He Thought (China)

4. Boogie Nights - His Great Device Makes Him Famous (China)

5. G.I. Jane - Satan Female Soldier (China)

6. Junior - Son of Devil (China)

7. Risky Business - Just Send Him to University Unqualified (China)

8. The Sixth Sense - He’s a Ghost! (China)

9. The Hangover - Very Bad Trip (France)

10. The Producers - Please Do Not Touch the Old Women (Italy)

11. Annie Hall - Urban Neurotic (Germany)

12. Bad Santa - Santa is a Pervert (Czech Republic)

13. No Strings Attached – Sex Friends (France)

14. Army of Darkness - Captain Supermarket (Japan)

15. The Horse Whisperer - Held by Wind in Montana (Japan)

16. Girl, Interrupted – 17-Year Old Girl’s Medical Chart (Japan)

17. The Dark Knight - Knight of the Night (Spain)

18. Grease – Vaseline (Argentina)

19. Never Been Kissed – Because She’s Ugly (Philippines)

20. Step Up – Sexy Dance (France)

21. You Only Live Twice - 007 Dies Twice (Japan)

22. Top Gun – Love is in the Sky (Israel)

23. Dragnet - Floppy Coppers Don’t Bite (Germany)

24. Dodgeball - Full of the Nuts (Germany)

25. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Rain of Falafel (Israel)

26. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – The Boy Who Drowned in Chocolate Sauce (Denmark)

27. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Behaved Very Nicely Around Me (Malaysia)

28. Little Fockers - Zany Son-in-Law, Zippy Grandkids, Sour Father-in-Law (Thailand)

29. Due Date - Odd Couple, Wacky Trip, Go Together in Time for Birth. (Thailand)

30. Drive Angry - Super Speeding Cleaning Evil Accounts (Thailand)

(Image Courtesy: Robbie Dale. Creative Commons)