• A New Mexico w0man got arrested for CALLING her ex-boyfriend over 77,000 times in one week… Now THAT’S what I call true love.
  • American Apparel accidentally posted a PHOTO of the space shuttle Challenger explosion because they thought it was fireworks.  In other words, the people who American Apparel are as smart as the people who wear it.
  • Over the weekend, Joey Chestnut won his 8th hot dog eating contest and then PROPOSED to his girlfriend.  Nothing says “I love you” like meat byproducts.
  • There’s a new device out there to help women “TONE” their lady parts.  Remember ladies, wipe all the equipment down after use for the next person who uses it.
  • A guy named Mario tried to ROB a dollar store in Florida while wearing a Super Mario Brothers T-shirt.  Dollar store?  I thought that guy only collected huge coins.
  • Experts say that if you make your password something POSITIVE it can put you in a good mood.  In other words; don’t use your spouse’s name as your password.

(Image Courtesy: Chun Kit To. Creative Commons)