7 Year-Old Raises $54K For Best Friend’s Surgery

7 Year-Old Raises $54K For Best Friend’s Surgery

Well here’s your warning: get some tissues because your allergies are about to have a pretty massive flare up. [RT]

His best friend suffers from cerebral palsy, so 7-year-old Quinn from Canada started selling lemonade to help pay for expensive surgery. He aimed to raise $20,000 – the sum his buddy Brayden Grozdanich, also 7, needed to have surgery that would enable him to start walking without braces.

With his small business, supported by a crowdfunding campaign, Quinn made over $54,000, giving his friend hope.

After I watched one of (Brayden’s) physiotherapy things, and I saw how hard it was for him, I asked my mommy and daddy if I could build a lemonade stand to raise money,” Quinn told the CTV Vancouver News as he was selling lemonade along with Brayden last Sunday.

I want to be able to play more games with him,” Quinn explained to CBS.

Brayden undergoes painful physiotherapy on a daily basis to help him walk. His right arm and leg have been affected by cerebral palsy, a disorder that constricts muscle movement and tone.

He gets very frustrated because he’ll try to do something, and he’ll get mad at himself because he’ll fall,” Brayden’s mom told CTV News.

It will help me walk better,” Brayden told journalists.


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