The Natural LADIES APHRODISIAC That’s Even Stronger Than Oysters?!?

  • Research shows that women who eat two apples a day are HORNIER than women who don’t.  Note to self; next date night will be to an orchard.
  • According to a new study men become “INVISIBLE” to younger women at the age of 39 . . . that is, of course, unless they’ve also got $39 million in the bank.
  • A man in New York City found a dead rat in the WRAP he got for lunch.  Still healthier than eating fast food.
  • Germany killed Brazil YESTERDAY in the World Cup 7-1.  I feel like there’s some sort of joke about Germans killing things in here . . . nah, probably not.
  • A woman found out that her house was a serial killer’s TORTURE CHAMBER after watching a cold case documentary on A & E.  It could’ve been worse . . . she could’ve been watching an episode of Hoarders.
(Image Courtesy: Mitya Ku. Creative Commons)