PODCAST: Drunk Movie Reviews – “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”

Jose had a few sips of some ultra Light Beer and did another “Drunk Movie Review”… he told us ALL ABOUT the summer blockbuster “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. Did he LIKE it? Should YOU see it? What do you NEED TO KNOW about this film? Just listen to Jose break it all  down in the PODCAST!


About Jose

Listeners can always count on Jose for a laugh. He is known for his crazy stunts, and high energy. He has an arsenal of impressions and characters and has a very unique laugh and positive attitude. A Tacoma native, he graduated from Stadium High School in 2004. Jose had been in the restaurant industry since he was 16 years old; at the age of 23 Jose decided to try stand-up comedy, and never looked back. Eventually, he crossed paths with Jubal Flagg. Jose opened a few comedy shows for Jubal and developed a comedy relationship. Once a position came open on the radio show, Jubal asked Jose if he wanted to audition, and Jose has been on the show ever since! Jose says, “When you dreams start coming true, no one can bring you down!! Except Jubal...”