The Friday Five (7.11.14)

In a few hours I’ll be in Vegas, sitting by the pool, relishing 105 degree heat. Rough life right? It’s Jubal’s Birthday Weekend in Vegas which means EVERYONE needs to start partying as soon as possible. I’m sure your boss will understand. It’s a national holiday… what are they, unpatriotic?

Red blooded Americans and laser lovers alike, let’s get this party started. Since it’s been two weeks since my last post (America had that whole birthday thing last Friday), I super sized your playlist. I promise to be brief with my words though, so we can all maximize our fiesta.

1) 20syl ft. Oddisee – Ongoing Thing

Here’s innovative producer/DJ 20syl in a nutshell… electronic meets hip-hop meets MAGIC.

2) Basic Tape – Sunny Spell

Basic Tape is a Parisian duo making sugary-sweet, infectious beats that will have you smiling in no time.

3) Arty ft. Angel Taylor – Up All Night

There couldn’t be a more appropriate song title to take with us to Vegas. Sure it’s part break up song, but the entire morning show is about to break up with our dignity, so it still works.

4) Katy Perry – Birthday (Le Youth Remix)

Uh, because it’s Jubal’s Birthday. And no one wishes someone a creepier birthday than Katy Perry whispering about her big big big big balloons. Also, Le Youth is a genius and I genuinely love this remix.

5) Tiesto ft. Krewella – Set Yourself Free

Tiesto is playing in Vegas while we’re there and I’m plotting to meet him already… aka never gonna happen. But this song is dancetastic regardless.

6) Brett – Golden 

Somehow Brett managed to capture pure happiness in audio form.  Turn this song up unreasonably loud, with the windows down. You won’t regret it.


I had to include this as your cool down track this week because I am OBSESSED with the handsome men of LANY. If you give their recent Acronyms EP a listen, you’ll hear beautifully crafted songs like “ILYSB.” The acronym stands for “I Love You So Bad,” and it’s a love song that touches my heart with it’s uncensored innocence and absolutely zero self-posturing.

“And you need to know nobody can take your place / And you need to know I’m hella obsessed with your face”

Have a hot, sweaty, dance party filled weekend my friends! Follow along with Jubal’s Birthday Party madness on the Morning Show’s social media. I promise to post at least a few blackmail worthy pics. #Vegas

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