Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (07/14/14)

  • PICS: First pics of Tracy Morgan since the multi-car fatal crash….he is SUING Walmart over
  • JWoww gives birth to a BABY GIRLMeilani Alexandra Mathews 
  • PICS: Rihanna flashes bra for Germany & parties with the team after World Cup Victory
  • Khloe Kardashian confirms Lamar CHEATED
  • Beyonce & Jay Z in marriage COUNSELING
  • PICS: Christina Aguilera shows off her third trimester baby bump!
  • PICS: Bethenny Frankel poses in her 4-year-old daughters clothes!
  • PICS: Kid takes coolest celeb selfie maybe ever!
  • Cheryl Cole ELOPES with boyfriend of 3 months!
  • Kim Kardashian advises pregnant women: “Never LEAVE the house.”
  • Katherine Heigl on her DIVA reputation: “I don’t see myself as difficult”
  • Colin Farrell & Taylor Kitsch may join “TRUE DETECTIVE” season 2
  • Christopher Walken the new CAPTAIN HOOK in NBC’s next live musical special


Photo courtesy: Alex Erde. Creative Commons.


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