Jubal’s Birthday In Vegas PHOTOS!

Jubal’s Birthday In Vegas PHOTOS!

JUST KIDDING. No photos from this trip exist. #whathappensinvegas

Actually, I was really excited to post pictures from my Jubal’s Birthday in Vegas experience, but 24 hours into my trip to Sin City my iPhone had it’s life taken by the MGM Grand‘s “lazy river.” Fortunately, I had posted a couple photos to my instagram & twitter, but the rest are gone forever (*tear*). But if you’re a fan of irony… scroll down.

Open bar on the biggest Ferris wheel in the world? Sold. #vegas

Now for some sweet, sweet irony. Four days ago I tweeted from the @MOViN925 account this piece of advice:

Thankfully, I did have iPhone insurance and my phone was replaced.

Oh and by the way; photos of this trip actually do exist. See them all HERE. And here’s the video from the “funtivities” experienced by Jubal, Jose, Lydia, and Brooke!


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