[PICS] The Latest VIRAL MUGSHOT is Hilarious

  • Here’s another VIRAL MUGSHOT…  It’s good to see that thanks to the Internet mugshots have now become modeling shoots.
  • The average person spends $65,000 on DIETS in their life.  In other words Jessica Simpson is way above average.
  • A new study shows that people become FRIENDS with people who have similar DNA . . . as long as you’re not sleeping with them I guess that’s okay.
  • A couple in Delaware was arrested for having sex on the ROOF of a Chipotle.  Well of course, nothing gets me in the mood more than a burrito bowl.
  • Research shows that very few people actually use Snapchat to send NUDE PHOTOS.  Those people are doing it wrong.
(Image Courtesy: Wicklife Police Dept Archives. Public Domain)