First Woman Qualify’s For “American Ninja Warrior” Finals!

You ever watch American Ninja Warrior when you’re awake at 3am and are sick of watching infomercials? It’s sort of like MXC, except instead of being hilarious — it’s just flat-out impressive. As you might have imagined, only the strongest, fastest, & most physically fit men have been able to complete the courses & conquer the obstacles… until now.

Meet Kacy Catanzaro, the first WOMAN to qualify for the “American Ninja Warrior” finals! [TheFrisky]

At only five-feet tall, Catanzaro, who is nicknamed “Mighty Kacy,” tops her small size with sheer strength. Beyond qualifying for finals, she’s also the first female competitor to scale the “Warped Wall” obstacle on the series. The wall requires athletes to scale a 17-foot-high curved wall — a pretty epic challenge for someone less than a third as tall!



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